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How Much Money Will One Receive for the Compensation?

Unemployment compensation in case of quitting your job is different in every state, so, you should find out how things work in your state. To receive these benefits, one needs to be left without a job, but not through their own fault. In case someone is voluntarily unemployed or if one quit their job without a justifiable reason, they are not eligible for such benefits.

Eligible even If You Quit Your Job

Even though we previously mentioned that one cannot get unemployment compensation if they quit their job voluntarily, there are specific cases when quitting qualifies you. Although these situations are rather rare, an appeal and an appeal hearing can help you collect unemployment benefits.

Below, we made a list of the specific situations that can contribute to your eligibility for compensation.

  • Quitting your job because of a hostile working environment
  • Quitting your job because of medical problems or disability
  • Quitting your job due to being promised a better job, but you did not get it
  • Quitting your job because you had to relocate and you were unable to find a new job
  • Quitting your job because your hours and pay were significantly reduced

Additional Tips

If you apply for unemployment benefits shortly after quitting your job, your claim will most certainly be denied. When your claim has been denied, you should file an appeal. This means that the employer is challenging your right to collect compensation due to quitting your job. Along with the appeal, you will be scheduled for a hearing. Often times, this process can be slow and complicated and it can last for weeks and even months before the appeal is processed and a hearing is scheduled.

If you quit your job and you want to apply for unemployment compensation, it is a good option to go to the local unemployment office so that you can explain your specific situation to the counselor in detail. Filing on the phone or online can be more complicated for some and it gives you no space to explain the reasons for quitting.

Ineligibility Criteria

  • In case you quit your job because of these or similar reasons, you will be denied for compensation:
  • Quitting because you do not like your job anymore
  • Quitting because you do not like your boss
  • Quitting because your working hours are not convenient
  • Quitting because you did not get a raise you expected
  • Quitting because you decided you want more money

The Right Way to Quit Your Job

It is not uncommon for people to be unhappy at their jobs and quit or to quit because they dislike their boss or need to make more money elsewhere. The best option you can do before you actually quit is to look for a new job. Finding a new job while you already have a job increases the chances of being considered by the employer rather than being unemployed when you apply.

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How Much Money Will One Receive For The Compensation?

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