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Finding The Silver Lining To Unemployment

Suddenly finding yourself unemployed can be devastating, especially if you have little in the way of savings and have a family to support. You immediately find yourself turning to survival mode, cutting back on every unnecessary costs you can find and trying to find ways to extend your cash for as long as possible. Yet even in such desperate times when your future seems bleak, there are still some benefits to being unemployed that you can take advantage of until you find a new job.

✔More Time With Those You Care About. In the not too distant past, you may have been working 40 or 60 hour weeks, or maybe even more than that. Often on your way to work, you wished for more time to spend with your family. While being unemployed may not have been quite the way you were planning to spend more time with your loved ones, take advantage of the additional free time you now have with them. As permanent as your inclusion in the ranks of the unemployed may seem at times, your unemployment is a temporary situation, and you will once again find yourself working long hours and hoping for more time to spend with your family again. So take advantage of the time you have on your hands now to spend quality time with those that mean the most to you.

✔New Budgeting Skills. Until you are actually faced with the necessity of forced cutbacks in your personal spending, it is often difficult to make sacrifices in your personal spending. When you have a regular paycheck coming in, a $5 stop at the coffee shop every day and a few dinners out each week may seem like small expenses. Yet over the course of months and years, these small and unnecessary expenses can add up to big bucks. And if you haven't been saving regularly, these expenses may stand out for you as dollars you could have been saving over the years. Use this time now to push the reset button on your spending habits. Once you are back at work and have steady income flowing in again, keep your spending habits relatively low and increase your savings so you are more prepared for rainy days in the future.

✔Improve Your Health. You've been saying for years that you wish you had more time to hit the gym. If you haven't worked out in years, or you haven't been working out as much as you'd like, now is the perfect chance to get your fitness routine back in order. Likely, your gym membership is one of the luxuries you have cut out of your budget for the time being, but you can still put neighborhood parks to good use, or hop on that bike that's been gathering dust in your garage for years. This is also the perfect time to cut back on some of those sweets and fatty foods you snack on. Not only will you save money on your grocery bill, but you will also improve your health. When you use this opportunity to exercise and improve your diet, you will be in tip-top shape when it's time to go in for your next interview and will feel more confident about your body image. You will also feel less stressed and anxious about your current financial situation when you get regular exercise. Being unemployed is not a situation that anyone wishes for themselves. But when you use this temporary setback as an opportunity to do things you've been meaning to do for years, you will feel better about your situation. So put your newfound free time to good use, and before you know it, you will be back at the grind again!

This article was written by Kim D, an independent writer

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