Our Story

"When I first became unemployed, it was the scariest time of my life. I never felt so vulnerable, and I felt like I did something wrong. Small gestures from people are the biggest things when you are so down on yourself. The first thing I did was start searching for how to apply for unemployment benefits. All I saw was a wave of search answers come up. The websites to the states were long and hard to memorize. Searching for benefits and links became a job in itself.

The next issues I had were questions. What is going to happen to my health insurance rates? I've heard of social security disability for workers, do i qualify? Can I get my benefits deposits on prepaid cards? Can I use my own prepaid debit card? How do I get ahead of the other job seekers, during this period of high unemployment? Should I go back to school?

I quickly found out that searching for jobs was different than I had remembered. It was lot more personal and cold. Potential employers had so many applicants, they were picky, and I was just a number. They pulled background checks, they pulled credit checks.. all this for a job?

This is when the idea for Unemploymentcom was conceived, a resource suggestion site designed from my personal expert experience. A place to find all the top websites and best resources, that I used to help myself get ahead; resources I still use today, such as credit monitoring. I am sharing what I have found, and the resources that helped.

Unemployment is more than just benefits, it's a negative state of mind, and if we can provide resources, information, ideas, job listings, and new opportunities, that will help people excel during this time period, and move forward with their lives, then we have succeeded."

-formerly unemployed recipients, unemploymentcom