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If you are between the ages of 50-64, you may be eligible to receive additional government disability benefits from social security to help ease expenses. Being unable to work or find a job due to a mental or physical disability may qualify you for up to $3,822 in disability benefits. Request your optional free consultation below if you are interested. NOTE: This is an additional recommended benefit and is not a claim for unemployment.

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Unable to work due to a physical disability?:


Unable to work due to mental or emotional stress?:

People are unaware that an unemployed person can qualify for social security disability benefits for emotional or mental stress. If you would like to discuss with a SSD advocate* about your case:


UnemploymentCom Sponsor Choices. See Terms. **Although an initial evaluation may be for no charge, help applying for benefits may require a potential fee. *Payment amounts may vary based on your age and other.

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